Services We Provide

COPSA is here to help


When an Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police in ANY town/city of Connecticut needs someone to cover his/her office for important department events, know that your backup is only a call away.  We will coordinate a COPSA member to come to your office and cover for the Administrative Assistant to the Chief while she is at a funeral, promotional ceremony, etc.  We understand the confidential nature of her job because we do this job in our departments.  Whether you are a member or not, this service is extended to all Administrative Assistants to the Chief of Police

Assist with Hiring a new Admin. to the Chief


Hiring a new Admin. Assistant is a difficult job.  It takes a special person to fill this position and who better to assist with this process than someone who is already doing the job?  We will assist with job descriptions, salary information and interviewing. 

Email Trees


Email Trees are an important tool for COPSA.  Should we ever need to survey the group on any topic, ask a question or solicit ideas, an email tree request is sent out to the entire group.  Responses are immediately sent back to the initiator.   This is a powerful tool and has helped each of us collect information from member police departments.

CPCA Golf Tournament


COPSA assists CPCA with their annual golf tournament.    Look for us as you make your way through the course.    This is always a great opportunity for us to network with the Chiefs of Police in Connecticut.



During the year, our group holds several fundraisers so we can award several annual scholarships.  The Scholarships are announced at the Chief of Police Expo held in Southington, CT.



At each meeting, we have an educational component that each host is required to set up for the group.  Internet safety, personal safety, polygraphs and social media are some of the many topics we have covered.